Thursday, 10 December 2015

My Fun Holidays !!!

On my holidays I went to my cousin’s birthday at his house. When I went there it was starting so I went and sat down with my cousin Sia then we started to sing happy birthday. The when we finished singing happy birthday we got up and made us something to eat with my cousin while we were eating all of my family was talking together and laughing. The after eat me and my Aunties went bowling at 7:00 i just couldn't wait to play it because it fun. Then when we left we went inside bowling and went to the counter to pay so we can play bowling then after we payed it we got some bowling shoes put it on and went to where we were gonna play. The first one to start off playing was my Auntie she was feeling nervous. Then we just took turns playing it and when I  went up I got a strike I was happy and my Aunties and cousins was clapping for me. Then when we were playing my auntie told me that my dad was coming to pick us up at 9:00 if bowling finishes that time. While we were playing all of us was very thirsty so my cousin went and byed us drinks it was cold and very yum. So when we finished bowling we went back home with my dad the was the fun night ever.

Then on Sunday i woke up early in the morning and got ready to go church with my family. Then when we arrived at church it had already started and then after that when church had finished we talked to our community and then we went back home and did some food for me and my family to eat I was very hungry. After eating i went and slept at the lounge because I  was so sleepy. When I  woke up my mum told me to go eat so I can drink my panadol so I can get better so I went and had a cup a tea and something to eat before drinking my medicine. After drinking my medicine i went to my room and got my uniform and that ready for school on Monday and i also went and had a shower. After my shower i did a prayer before going to sleep with my whole family after that i had to go and sleep again with my little brother for school in the morning.

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