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Japan By: Henrietta

Earthquake by Henrietta & Malia

Topic- Fish


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Date: 12/11/15

Room 9
Room 7
Tamaki Primary

Practicing Peaceful Play

Room 9

Kung Fu Fighting

Panmure Bridge
Room 5
Check It
Glen Innes
Room 11

Somerville School

Tamaki 6 Has Got Talent

KĊpuapua School

Saint Patrick
Room 8

Room 8 at MERC

Saint Pius X Catholic School

Room 7

Saint Pius
Room 4

Hello Ruapotaka I really like the way you dress  up as funny hair and funny people. I really like your positive cards, Keep up the good work.

Hello room7 from GlenBrae really enjoy your movie were going to be best friends because it shows how bestfriends care for each other. May you keep up the great work.

Hi Tamaki Primary my name is Henrietta and your movie had made me laugh because it was so funny and cool to watch. Keep up the great good work.

Hello Pt England I had fun watching your lovely movie. Like your Karate Moves, the Kicking and also I loved the music.

Hey Room 5 when I first saw your movie it was very cool, and I really loved how you made up your own song about books. May you keep up the beautiful Work.

Hello Room 11 from Glen Innes school liked all the effort and dancing that you guys have performed and made.
Keep doing what you’s are doing.

Hello Somerville School I will like to say well done for doing that movie. And I like your singing it was very good.
Well Done

Hi Kopuapua School I like your singing and how you’s were doing interesting things. Like how some teachers were talking in Maori, Keep up the good work.

Hello Merc school  I watched your movie that you’s have made for other people to see.  Keep doing well.

Hello Saint Pius I really enjoied your song that you have made together with your class Keep up the great singing and work !!!

Hello room 4 I really loved your movie about what is a fish. I have learn  so much about animals and fishes, thank you very much.
Keep up the work on fishes room 4.

Margaret Aylward


Margaret Aylward’s full name is Margaret Louisa Aylward and was born in Kilkenny Waterford Ireland, November, 23rd, 1810. She was very inspired by God.  Margaret Aylward started The Holy Faith Sisters and help the poor children with their learning.she is famous because she had always helped the poor children that didn’t have anything at all and the children who lived in the street with no parents. She went to jail because she put poor children alone and gave everything she had to the poor kids.  She had built the first Catholic School and Is a very intelligent women to children.
Margaret Aylward had sadly passed away in 11 Oct 1889 and was 79 years old when she passed away.

Margaret Aylward was a women that loved children a lot and was very kind  around public. She was a rich woman in waterford and was a very strong lady. She was also the fifth child in the family and had  spent all her life in waterford where she was born. In 1834 Margaret Aylward went to join one of her sister Catherine at her school. In 1864 Margaret Aylward went to visit Rome and was a intelligent women.

My Fun Holidays !!!

On my holidays I went to my cousin’s birthday at his house. When I went there it was starting so I went and sat down with my cousin Sia then we started to sing happy birthday. The when we finished singing happy birthday we got up and made us something to eat with my cousin while we were eating all of my family was talking together and laughing. The after eat me and my Aunties went bowling at 7:00 i just couldn't wait to play it because it fun. Then when we left we went inside bowling and went to the counter to pay so we can play bowling then after we payed it we got some bowling shoes put it on and went to where we were gonna play. The first one to start off playing was my Auntie she was feeling nervous. Then we just took turns playing it and when I  went up I got a strike I was happy and my Aunties and cousins was clapping for me. Then when we were playing my auntie told me that my dad was coming to pick us up at 9:00 if bowling finishes that time. While we were playing all of us was very thirsty so my cousin went and byed us drinks it was cold and very yum. So when we finished bowling we went back home with my dad the was the fun night ever.

Then on Sunday i woke up early in the morning and got ready to go church with my family. Then when we arrived at church it had already started and then after that when church had finished we talked to our community and then we went back home and did some food for me and my family to eat I was very hungry. After eating i went and slept at the lounge because I  was so sleepy. When I  woke up my mum told me to go eat so I can drink my panadol so I can get better so I went and had a cup a tea and something to eat before drinking my medicine. After drinking my medicine i went to my room and got my uniform and that ready for school on Monday and i also went and had a shower. After my shower i did a prayer before going to sleep with my whole family after that i had to go and sleep again with my little brother for school in the morning.

My Year In Room 6

My Year In Room 6
Today for my writing I will be telling you how my year in Room 6 has been for me, I hope you enjoy.

So firstly when I walked through the door I was feeling the happiness inside me because I just couldn't wait to see what kind of learning they do and always how it's like.

In room 6 I am really happy when our teacher awards us with P.E. and mostly free time.
The bad times that I only have in Room 6 is only when I get mad, Angry or sad.

I have learned so much from my teacher, which I really enjoyed and I hope that I am Achieving my learning goals.

At the end when I finish school I hope to leave with a good education.

I hope all of you sitting here have enjoyed my speech.

Good Manners are important!!!



Manners is something that people use every single day of their life. But no matter where you are. - at home, work or with your friends you still need to use your manners because it shows how respectful you are. There are more to good manners than opening doors and writing thank you letters.


I think our manners are important because when we go places we use them so they think we are polite people, also it helps you with giving people your first impression. If we use our manners it can reflect on your family that you belong too, also reflects on what your teachers  teach you at home and at school.

But if you don’t use your manners people would say that your parents had taught you nothing.

This is why I thinked Good manners are important in our childhood.


What my favourite subject and why ?

What my favourite subject and why?

My favourite subject In school is writing and reading because it helps me write and read. I do like maths but I might not be good at it that’s why maths is not my favourite subject. When it comes to reading and writing I'm always happy because that’s what I most like to do  in school. I like maths sometimes but when it is too hard for me I always get angry because i can’t do it and when i tell my mum and dad they say never give up because maths helps you. Then when I come to school I try  not to give up. But I do like maths a little even though i’m not good at it.

My Boring Weekend !!!!

My Boring Weekend
In my weekend ,it was so boring like there was no one around to play with, because my home was quiet like a little mice.

while I was watching T.V. my eyes was getting tired like a sleepy bear, that I suddenly fell asleep because I couldn’t stay awake. Then when I was sleeping my mum and dad went to visit my nana at her home to  see how she was. Then after when they went I fell back asleep because I was so tired from sleeping late on Friday Night.

Then at the end when my mum and that came back I got up quickly and went to do the washing. The wind was blowing like a storm because it was so strong that when it comes past me it feels like it blowing you.  Then after doing all the clothes I went and had a nice warm shower so I can feel clean and fresh for the  day and get ready for school the next morning.


Kelly Tarltons

Today Saint Pius went on a fun trip to Kelly Tarltons. First thing in the morning when the bell rang we went in the hall and lined up there and put our lunch in the box. And while we were waiting in the hall we had singing practise. After that every class went down to their bus. So we hopped in the bus and went after everybody was in. While we were going the bus everybody was just talking to their friends. Then we got kelly Tarltons then we had to go in our groups. First we went underground and it was cool and a bit dark. After the ladies has told us the rules about being noisy and that. Then after that we went and saw olden day stuff it was amazing. Then while were looking at olden day things we stopped and took a photo. After we took a photo we went and looked at the penguins the looked really big and cool. I saw some penguins swimming in the deep water and some penguins walking around in the cold ice.After that we walked past a scary big squid and then we went to see the fishes and stingrays. Then we went and had our morning tea where the sting rays and fishes were they looked awesome. They were swimming around. Then a little while we all listened to a girl that hopped in the water where the fishes and stingrays were swimming. She was feeding the stingrays and talking about them. They can know if you're scared of them or not and they can even feel your heartbeat and body. And when you feed them they come up and then go back down it looks really cool and funny. Then after that we went and then we went and saw seahorses and seadragons they looked cool. While we were looking at them we went to a room that a lady was in. When we got in there it was really hot that we needed to take our jumpers off but i didn’t want too. She was talking about littering and how the water gets polluted. After she finished talking we got into 5 groups and we had to feel skins and that. It was soft and ruff and the shark draws looked pretty scary and sharp. Then after doing that one person from each group had to stand up and tell us what was their favourite thing that they saw. After that we all got up and went outside to find our bus. Then we saw our bus and we hopped on while we were going to school people were sleeping and talking. Then we got to school and we just straight ate our lunch and then played. After playing and the bell rang we went in class and did something quiet. Then we packed up and went home I was exhausted. THE END OF MY STORY !!!!