Thursday, 10 December 2015

My Boring Weekend !!!!

My Boring Weekend
In my weekend ,it was so boring like there was no one around to play with, because my home was quiet like a little mice.

while I was watching T.V. my eyes was getting tired like a sleepy bear, that I suddenly fell asleep because I couldn’t stay awake. Then when I was sleeping my mum and dad went to visit my nana at her home to  see how she was. Then after when they went I fell back asleep because I was so tired from sleeping late on Friday Night.

Then at the end when my mum and that came back I got up quickly and went to do the washing. The wind was blowing like a storm because it was so strong that when it comes past me it feels like it blowing you.  Then after doing all the clothes I went and had a nice warm shower so I can feel clean and fresh for the  day and get ready for school the next morning.


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