Thursday, 10 December 2015

Kelly Tarltons

Today Saint Pius went on a fun trip to Kelly Tarltons. First thing in the morning when the bell rang we went in the hall and lined up there and put our lunch in the box. And while we were waiting in the hall we had singing practise. After that every class went down to their bus. So we hopped in the bus and went after everybody was in. While we were going the bus everybody was just talking to their friends. Then we got kelly Tarltons then we had to go in our groups. First we went underground and it was cool and a bit dark. After the ladies has told us the rules about being noisy and that. Then after that we went and saw olden day stuff it was amazing. Then while were looking at olden day things we stopped and took a photo. After we took a photo we went and looked at the penguins the looked really big and cool. I saw some penguins swimming in the deep water and some penguins walking around in the cold ice.After that we walked past a scary big squid and then we went to see the fishes and stingrays. Then we went and had our morning tea where the sting rays and fishes were they looked awesome. They were swimming around. Then a little while we all listened to a girl that hopped in the water where the fishes and stingrays were swimming. She was feeding the stingrays and talking about them. They can know if you're scared of them or not and they can even feel your heartbeat and body. And when you feed them they come up and then go back down it looks really cool and funny. Then after that we went and then we went and saw seahorses and seadragons they looked cool. While we were looking at them we went to a room that a lady was in. When we got in there it was really hot that we needed to take our jumpers off but i didn’t want too. She was talking about littering and how the water gets polluted. After she finished talking we got into 5 groups and we had to feel skins and that. It was soft and ruff and the shark draws looked pretty scary and sharp. Then after doing that one person from each group had to stand up and tell us what was their favourite thing that they saw. After that we all got up and went outside to find our bus. Then we saw our bus and we hopped on while we were going to school people were sleeping and talking. Then we got to school and we just straight ate our lunch and then played. After playing and the bell rang we went in class and did something quiet. Then we packed up and went home I was exhausted. THE END OF MY STORY !!!!

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