Friday, 26 August 2016


Today in class Room 7 has been learning and focusing about Jesus as a teacher. This shows that I have made a inforgraphic on ways that shows evidence that Jesus is a model teacher to us.  

Friday, 19 August 2016

Writing - I found a strange package by the door

I found a strange package by the door I was so scared and shocked because i've never seen that package behind my door in the middle of the night. I quickly took a good look at the package but I still couldn’t memorise what this package could be doing by my door in this creepy night.

I grabbed it in a rush and BANG! There goes the package in rubbish bin outside so that its could not be in my house anymore. I then walked upstairs in silents but suddenly there goes KNOCK KNOCK! I ran down stairs looked at both sides and peeked through the hole to check who was it? Aw! there was no one but I then decided to open the door, there was a shocking, creepy thing that's had happened, the PACKAGE was back outside my door on the ground this time.

OMG! “I said to myself in a shaky voice, what is this package this time. My face was turning red, my eyes were full of water this letter was so scary and creepy. It's had said I AM WATCHING YOU!!
I then decided to scrunch the piece of package up and threw it outside again and ran up the stairs, locked the doors room, locked the windows and rushed in bed putting my blanket on top of me, hoping that this person sending the package to me is not inside of my house.

But I then said to myself in frightened
I just couldn’t believe this was happening to me on this CREEPY NIGHT!

I could hear the door front opening and footsteps coming up the stairs. NO! No! Please do not come in my room I said quietly to myself in tears.

I then had a idea thats could work, I grabbed my phone and called the POLICE getting ready to tell them that there is a stranger in my house. The police then said to me come down what your name and where do you live we will try and get there as soon as possible okaye.  In a replied “I then said okaye thankyou but please be here on time I am trying to keep quiet.
The police were here I could see from the outside of my house. I made a sign to the POLICE! Over here I screamed the police than looked, I felt happiness. The police than said climb off the ladder and come down.

I then jumped down the ladder and went to the Police they had said that they had caught the stranger and is now gone in the police car.

I was so happy and thankful.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 5.07.02 PM.png

WALT: I can use prompts 

Early in the morning I could hear a low voice saying “Henrietta i’m hungry. I was so shocked because I have never heard this kind of voice before coming from outside.

I quickly ran down stairs and opened the door slowly wondering where the voice was coming from. WOW! I couldn’t believe what I saw with my own two eyes,It was my dog Harry that was yelling my name out.

“Harry I said, you can talk? Yea you can understand me
“Yes I replied of course I can, this is what made me wake up so early in the morning. “I'm so sorry Henrietta i’m just so hungry right now may I have my food now. “Yep sure Harry you can eat your dog food now since it's morning.

“As soon Harry was munching his dog food. I still could not believe that he could talk up till this day. I mean it's just unbelievable.
So there I was in my comfortable bed lying with Harry having a conversation to him about how he could talk.

“Harry was a very silly, talkative dog that could not Zip his little mouth so that I could have a talk for once. But I knew Harry will always come on top of my voice so that I can listen to his story but not mind which is not “FAIR!

After that long talk with Harry we were tired so harry and I both fell asleep just like a light switch. Later on I knew that Harry was starving so I thought of making his food AGAIN! before he makes that annoying high pitched sound.

So then Harry began to eat like he's hadn't eaten before.
I laughed to myself but quietly this dog is a animal that I can always talk to when I am lonely.

At the end me and Harry had played ball catch.
He was a very fast dog to play ball catch with. He always keeps me company when no ones home. This is a day that I will remember about him.


Friday, 12 August 2016

The Everyday Show:

Everyday Show:

The Everyday show was amazing. Its brings back the memories when I have been through struggle and worry and relationships that I have been through with my family.

The message was that if you are a child like T who’s parents relationship are fall apart and messed up into pieces talk to someone about it.


Ned Show


Ned was an interesting show. Shannon which is the introducer at the yo-yo did some stunning and surprising tricks. She had twirl the yo-yo around in a circle and made some surprising patterns which looked really amazing. The important thing that Shannon talked about was Ned. Ned is a person that's never gives up, Encourage others and does his best which is something that everyone should be doing.

Hopefully Ned will come back to our school.

Cross Country

Cross Country Practice

On Wednesdays Thursdays and Friday Room 7 and Room 5 have there cross country practice.

Running is a sport that I adore, its makes me feel healthy and fit. Even though some students do not want to run at all they just power walk which I think is better than running.
Saint Pius students run because its helps us exercise more and lose some weights in ourselves and therefore we are having cross country coming up soon.

Monday, 8 August 2016

My Prototec Graph.

This is my math Prototec on Term 3 2016. - My Maths Goal: Multiply by tens, thousands hundreds and other multiplies of tens. I need to do my basic Facts more often everyday to get where I want too be which is at the top.

Be Cyber Smart Online.

Be Cyber smart Online/ Cyberbully.

On a great morning Constable Gordon had come to talk to our class about being smart online.

The part that really interested me is that New Zealand has the highest rate of suicide. This country has a lot of suicide going on because of people sending horrible, nasty messages that will never go away.

Hearing Constable Gordon saying that our country is the highest rate of suicide, made me think about teenagers around the world feeling heartbroken and upset wanting to lose their precious life by committing suicide.

My response to Constable Gordon is that if someone has wrote something really hurtful to you online don’t reply back because that will make it more worst and include a Adult/Teacher about whats going on.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Film Video based on Helpfulness.

This film is about two young children that are sitting down quietly reading their favourite book from the library. While they were sitting down Moala wanted to annoy Saviour because she felt bored.

So Moala then looked at the side of him too check what he was doing. She grabbed the book and throwed to the other side of him, he felt a bit angry and mad. But then here came along a friend of saviours called Lusia and she helped him, by grabbing his book and giving it back to him asking if he was alright. 

Then Saviour then said “yes i’m alright thank you for helping me. Then Lusia said Your welcome, anytime.