Thursday, 18 October 2018

Making Cupcakes.

When the bell rang for period 3 our class came straight to cooking because thats what we had next, when we got here, we came inside put on our apron and washed our hand followed by the instructions from our teacher. The steps of the ingredients was we had to use: 
1 - 2Cup of SRF, 
2 - 1 cup of sugar 
3 - 1/2 of oil 
4 - 1 Cup of milk 
5 - 1 Egg 
6 1/4 of cocoa 
7 - combine all and mix well. Then after we done all of the ingredients we had to pour it into the muffin tray and when it was done and ready myself and my partner put it into the stove, waiting for it to cook. 
This was a very fun experience that we have done today because we got to see how good we are with our measurement. 

Friday, 24 August 2018


On Wednesday our class 9tgn made a hangi. First thing in the morning after our year 9 assembly we all went to the wharekai to start preparing our hangi putting all the ingredients in so that we can quickly cook it.  The boys went with Mr Dunn to help him out start the hangi up and the rest of the class stayed at the whare kai plating up the ingredient to fill in our bowls, we put in a lot of vegetables to make it very delicious. All of the bowls were looking so delicious and yummy that I just wanted to hurry up and it, when it was all done we had to put the bowls into boxes and take it down to Mr dunn so that he and his crew could put it inside the hangi and get it ready to cook, it was raining and we have to walk all the way there I was feeling very happy about that but at the same time it was my own fault because I forgot to bring my gear to make sure that nothing goes on my school uniform. While making the hangi I could hear sound energy when we had to wash the potatoes, there was chemical potential energy because of the wood, the wood changes into light and heat. When our food was in the hangi Mr Dunn told us that we get after school because that when it would be ready, so when it hit 2:55 myself and my friends we packed up and left to pick up our hangi it smelt so nice as we were getting it I just couldn't wait to get back home and munch, munch, munch. I got home, showered and warmed up my hangi I can tell you that it was AMAZING!! It was so amazing that I wanted to have more and more.

That was the best hangi I have ever made.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Cooking/French Toast

Last week Thursday in cooking we were split into groups
and our task was to make French toast with whoever was our partner.
My partner was Journey we were in the same group which meant that we had to work
together as a team to make our French toast come out looking good and ready to munch.
Our first step was to whisk 4 eggs with 1/2 cup of milk and then after that we needed to
slice the bread into 3 pieces, each of out group must have 8 pieces of bread then dip the
bread into the milk and eggs line it on the white chopping board and after all of that was
done we needed to start frying the bread until it was golden, brown and then turn it over
and put it into a plate.

When myself and my partner had done everything we then started to put it in the frying
pan, when we were frying our bread my partner had to go and do something with the n
urses while I still carried on cooking when our french toast was ready it was looking very
nice and golden but before I ate I cleaned up all of our mess and make our kitchen look
nice and tidy and then after that I split my and my partners bread so we can all have
equal bread wrap it up for her and left it there well I came and sat down and ate.
Our french toast was a success It was very delicious and Yummy!
My partner thought It was really Amazing!!  

Friday, 6 July 2018


Whoa! Walking into the classroom and there was an investigation going on
Perry the pear had died after been killed at his own home.
Our class had an very important investigation to dig up to be able to find out who
had killed Perry the pear and why did he or she would do this to him,
so what we had to do was get into small groups and go through different stages to be
able to get a DNA result of who had killed Perry the pear and guess who it was!
Blue berry! Blueberry was someone who has always been jealous of Perry the pear,
how could blueberry do that!

I have found out that DNA is found in the cells nucleus as nuclear DNA.
Apart from the DNA located in the nucleus.
Cells relates to traits because it all  depends on the gene that it gives you
and then a chunk of DNA is a gene, and your genes tells you which eye colour you have.

Our class did an Inventory of our traits of what we could be able to do and at the end we combined all our result and we found out that our whole class is not colour blind so we can all see probably.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

My First Exams Expirence

Walking into Exams I was feeling nervous and scared but at the same time I was feeling a bit confident because I studied at home so that I have knowledge to take with me when going through the questions. At home I did some studies just to get me prepared led with a prayer asking God to guide me during exams.

During my Exams I was actually feeling a bit Happy
because some questions I already knew
the answer.
At the end of the day at 2:30 which was when we got to go home, I went home had a fresh shower, Grabbed chips and biscuit from the Cupboard and went to bed feeling so warm and just went on my chromebook watching The Ace Family, if your not to sure about what the Ace Family is, It's a Family that does Vlogging on Youtube! I'm So Obsessed with them!
In my next exams I would try not to be nervous and scared, Just relax and stay calm.

If you would like to check them out!
Go ahead and click the play button down below and watch them!!

Monday, 21 May 2018

WALT: "Explaning what I've learnt about how all living things do MRS GREN!

This poster shows you guys what all living things does MRS GREN! 
 Our group chose to research about a rats, rats are living things!! 

Friday, 23 March 2018

Experiment/ Auckland Volcanic Eruption.

Today in our science class we all watched a Auckland Museum Volcanic Eruption together!!
Narrative Writing.
So it was my first and only time coming to the country of New Zealand coming to spend Christmas with my family who lived in Mission Bay,where I saw something that I couldn’t imagine out in the beach where we live. As I was just getting dinner out on the table with my family we could hear a weird, freaky sound so I decided to pull the curtain and peek out the window. “Oh No” I said, there's a Auckland Volcanic eruption, myself and my family were very scared as we heard clashing, cracking, loud noises. As we watched it started off with a small shaking earthquake that was caused by the magma pushing through the rocks of the crust, and as it erupted it formed a huge group of dark, black ashes exploding everywhere,cracks and fissures it was a disaster!

As there was a lot of ash exploding everywhere it became bigger and bigger, Bombs and blocks clashing into the sea and everything was just destroyed looking ugly.
At the end it formed a little Island/Lava mounting up, cooling down that ends up turning into rocks which forms mountains, and the Misson Bay sea became very Nasty.

For more information click on the link below.