Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Maze Game and Flappy Bird Game.

What types of blocks and codes did you use in the games. 

- The types of blocks and codes that I saw was:
- Turn left 
- Repeat 
- Turn left
What did the blocks and codes enable you to do with the Games?
The blocks and codes enable me to help me get through the game, and it gave me clues of ways to complete the game.
What did you learn from this exercise?
I learnt not to give up even if its hard, think outside the box.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Meeting with client

Image result for iron man films

What do you like? -
watching Iron Man films and eating chocolate
(is this important for your design work?)
What do you not like? -
the color yellow and mushrooms
(is this important for your design work?)
What is your favorite colors? -
purple, green and blue
What theme are you interested in for the wall? -
I would like you to combine
the fact that food and graphics are taught in the building.
The wall is opposite the creek so maybe
using natural shapes and images could work too.
How big does the mural have to be? -
it needs to fill most of the wall at the end of the
T9 and T10 building
How much paint do we need for the mural?
- I can’t answer that question.
You will have to research that.
What activities go on in your classroom? - drawing, painting, making 3D models,
3D printing, laser cutting. Cooking, boiling, oven, rolling out, mixing, measuring,
frying, baking.
Is there certain designs that you would prefer? -
You could use all pictures or you could
combine some words too. Make the words clear and readable.
Not sentences, just words.
What patterns would you like us to use? -
cultural patterns would look good with natural images.
Do we have to have to school name or logo / emblem on the design? -
you can if you like but you don’t have to.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Design Brief.

Kalo, Stanley, Henrietta, Roimata.

Outside of school, Park, beach, School

Because they might like it, and it might be useful to them.

Heart Badge.

I am going to design and make a model of heart badge. This design will be used by myself and also for other people that would like to use it, if they think it is useful for them and they think that it worth it.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Mince and Cheese.

Today We made a mince and cheese with Dani. We made mistakes but it still came out looking good and we ate it all up because It was still yummy and delicious.
The ingredients was dice the onion and fry until soft
- Add mince and fry until cooked and the last one was mix veges and 1/2 of water it already mix with pepper, veges, stock and species.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Making Mince Pie - Henrietta & Daniella

Today our class 9tgn made Mince Pie. First thing when the bell rang myself
and my friends went straight to our cooking class because we couldn't wait to cook,
First we put on our apron then washed our hands and went and waited for the next instructions.
The instructions were really easy and it didn't take us that long to do what we were told.

First we needed to dice the onion and fried it until it was soft, next we added the mince and
fried until it’s cooked, next step we needed to mix the veges and put ½ of water then mix
with pepper, veges stock and spicies. One thing that we didn't like about what we did was
because our pasta was very sticky and we won’t able to wrap it around our pie but at the
end it smelt really Good! Delicious!!

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Making Cupcakes.

When the bell rang for period 3 our class came straight to cooking because thats what we had next, when we got here, we came inside put on our apron and washed our hand followed by the instructions from our teacher. The steps of the ingredients was we had to use: 
1 - 2Cup of SRF, 
2 - 1 cup of sugar 
3 - 1/2 of oil 
4 - 1 Cup of milk 
5 - 1 Egg 
6 1/4 of cocoa 
7 - combine all and mix well. Then after we done all of the ingredients we had to pour it into the muffin tray and when it was done and ready myself and my partner put it into the stove, waiting for it to cook. 
This was a very fun experience that we have done today because we got to see how good we are with our measurement. 

Friday, 24 August 2018


On Wednesday our class 9tgn made a hangi. First thing in the morning after our year 9 assembly we all went to the wharekai to start preparing our hangi putting all the ingredients in so that we can quickly cook it.  The boys went with Mr Dunn to help him out start the hangi up and the rest of the class stayed at the whare kai plating up the ingredient to fill in our bowls, we put in a lot of vegetables to make it very delicious. All of the bowls were looking so delicious and yummy that I just wanted to hurry up and it, when it was all done we had to put the bowls into boxes and take it down to Mr dunn so that he and his crew could put it inside the hangi and get it ready to cook, it was raining and we have to walk all the way there I was feeling very happy about that but at the same time it was my own fault because I forgot to bring my gear to make sure that nothing goes on my school uniform. While making the hangi I could hear sound energy when we had to wash the potatoes, there was chemical potential energy because of the wood, the wood changes into light and heat. When our food was in the hangi Mr Dunn told us that we get after school because that when it would be ready, so when it hit 2:55 myself and my friends we packed up and left to pick up our hangi it smelt so nice as we were getting it I just couldn't wait to get back home and munch, munch, munch. I got home, showered and warmed up my hangi I can tell you that it was AMAZING!! It was so amazing that I wanted to have more and more.

That was the best hangi I have ever made.