Tuesday, 31 May 2016

science Roadshow At Tamaki College!

 Science Show

Today us year 6, 7 and 8 children from Saint Pius X  had been given the opportunity to go to Tamaki College for a Science Roadshow. We were split up into groups, the people that parents came had offered to help us get to Tamaki College which was very kind of them. I went with Lusia’s Grandma with Olga and Von in her car. At Tamaki College when we had went inside the Auditorium there were many activities that were placed all around the hall which looked very interesting. When the man had finished doing some experiments finally we had the opportunity to go and look around the science experiments. One of my first Experiments that I had went to was Colour Words.

Colour Words was an experiment  where you had to try your best to say the colour of the word really fast without reading the actual words, it confuses us because the word is a colour, but you have to say the colour of the word. The other science experiment that I have really liked was “What’s inside the box”, it's was an activity where us children had to put our hand in the box and try and guess what it is.

Then after all the exploring and many things, it was time for us to get back to school even though i wanted to see more amazing things. Next time I will like to go back there and explore many great, interesting things again.


Friday, 27 May 2016


23th May 2016
Descriptive Writing:
YEAHH!!! its Sunday and us children of Saint Pius have the opportunity to go out and experience something that we have never ever done before. I knew this day was going to be special and a lot whole different from other days because we were going on a trip on Sunday to see many great things.
As we arrived at the Special Event at the Head Spark Office I could not believe my eyes because their were so many student over, 50.  We were split up into small groups with colours on our wrist, and the program that we were given were 5 events What could those 5 heading really mean?
As I looked at the word SCIENCE  it looked quite boring, but suddenly as soon as I walked in, it turned out to be the best programme ever!
WOW WHAT COULD THIS BE!!! seeing balloons, colourful liquids lots of Sharp sticks and  Plastic Bowls just waiting for me to touch and experience them.
The first one was picking a hole through a balloon and seeing if you can do it, which I keep on poping and asking for another balloon. Next one was pretty amazing because we got a balloon tied onto a glass, then ended up tipping the what was in the glass into the balloon, it turned up to have a lot of bubbles in it which made it look interesting.

Then after doing SCIENCE I had said to myself, I wish I could come and do this again some day.

Friday, 6 May 2016

My Mothers Day Card !!

A mother is a female person who gives birth to you and raises you to be who you are in everything that you do.

My Mum is so important to me that without her I will not know what to do.
She has long black hair & a beautiful smile that will always brings happiness to me every time I see her. She was the person that had raised me up ever since I was little and was the one person who had gave me this  precious life to live.

I know for sure that no one in this world as much as I do, that brings happiness and love to me. My mother is someone that can have the chance to share my thoughts and what I am thinking. In my heart I am so thankful to have a mother that pretty much does everything for me such like her always supporting me in everything that I do in school.

My mother can sometimes be angry at me like a monster when I do something wrong even though I know it is not the right thing to do but I choose to do it or when I just never listen to her when she needs my help. She is a woman who stands by my side and support me and tells me to focus on school all the time.
My mum is  amazing to me then anything thing else in this world that I could ever imagine in my heart and that why I Love her so much from the bottom of my heart.

Last of all I will like to say



In the holidays, I stayed at home most of the time. I helped my mum with the washing and cleaning that needed to be done, so that our house can be clean and tidy.   It was very tiring.  when I had to go do the washing all by myself
but at the same time when I was doing it I did not like it.
After cleaning and helping my mum, my dad had finally arrived and I had went to practise at my church for Sunday. So when I have arrived there, we all got sorted in line ready to perform what we had been practising the last few days. Its was cool practising with my friends and family members from church because we were having fun.

But after practise the people from our church thought that it was good, and we could go back home & have rest. So we all packed up everything that we had used put it away and off we went back home. It was very exhausted on that day.

When we had arrived back home I jumped on my bed, laid down and started to fall asleep because I was very tired.