Thursday, 10 December 2015

Margaret Aylward


Margaret Aylward’s full name is Margaret Louisa Aylward and was born in Kilkenny Waterford Ireland, November, 23rd, 1810. She was very inspired by God.  Margaret Aylward started The Holy Faith Sisters and help the poor children with their learning.she is famous because she had always helped the poor children that didn’t have anything at all and the children who lived in the street with no parents. She went to jail because she put poor children alone and gave everything she had to the poor kids.  She had built the first Catholic School and Is a very intelligent women to children.
Margaret Aylward had sadly passed away in 11 Oct 1889 and was 79 years old when she passed away.

Margaret Aylward was a women that loved children a lot and was very kind  around public. She was a rich woman in waterford and was a very strong lady. She was also the fifth child in the family and had  spent all her life in waterford where she was born. In 1834 Margaret Aylward went to join one of her sister Catherine at her school. In 1864 Margaret Aylward went to visit Rome and was a intelligent women.

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