Friday, 10 June 2016

Netball on Tuesday!

Netball :Yesterday it was netball and I just could not wait for it to happen because I was so excited that I could be talking about it to my friends. So when we had arrived at the netball courts with Courtney the game had already going to start which means that we were a little bit late for the netball game. So therefore the whistle had rang which was a sign for the netball games to start, So off the netball girls on the court, with them ready for the whistle to blow so that they could SMASH IT! While the girls were playing they were doing so while even thou the other team were getting more scores then us we never gave up.Then while they were playing and us netball girls were cheering for them it was the 2nd quarter which I was playing on the other half. So I ran in there put my thirst on and started playing the netball game. While were playing the netball game there were so many pusing from the other team which i did not like. But while we were playing the other team were winning which was a bit of sad but when it came to the end they started betting us.But its was the last quarter and the bell had rang, which meant that the other team had won against us which was sad but alright at the say time.After that we all shake hands together and left home.THE END!

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