Friday, 10 June 2016

My favourite subject in School!

What My Favourite Subject in School!!

My favourite subject that I really enjoy in school is writing because I had loved it ever since. Writing is the subject that I am very interested in, and I have always wanting to do it every time in School or everywhere that I go. Writing helps me in everything that I do, such as learning, how to use a structured correctly to always make my piece of writing more interesting for a lot of people to read and enjoy it as well.

Writing is something that I really love and that interested me in my learning day by day. I really love writing because, it helps me with everything and also it just a subject that I had always loved doing ever since I was 10 years old. In school when we are told to go on writing, I am always feeling very happy because I know that is one of my favourite subject EVER!. 
I really hope that I will continue to keep on working on writing so that I could be very good on Writing.

When I grow up, being a big girl I will really like to be a author where I write a lot of good people to read and explore what I had write about.

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