Friday, 10 June 2016

Feast Day of Sacred Heart!!

On Friday morning its was the scared Heart Feast Day. Early in the morning I went to school preparing  for the dance that we had for Samoan language week where we had prepared something special for it. When I had walked inside class some girls had already started practising it, so I hanged my bag up and came and sat down to practise for the samoan dance. So when the bell had rang we all had to go and settle down to go to mass ready and al sorted.

Mass had started and we all stood up singing. After father had talked us about the Gospel it was the prayers of the faithful which I had something that I needed to stand up and read, which I did not feel nervous about which as great. While after the prayers of the faithful and its was nearly end of mass we all sang for the last song.

Then mass was ended we all went to our class and started practising. But while we were practising Alecia and Deja and went to practise in room 6 and our teacher Miss tui had stayed and watched the boys in room 7. Practising the samoan was a bit hard but at the same time I was very happy to do it because I dont know any samoan dance witch is something different.

Ok so after all the things that had happened its was big lunch. Big lunch was a fun time, Pola malias mum had offered to make a lot of food which she came and brang to our class. Then while that us room 7 people started playing music while eating putting on Lava lavas and a necklace over us which was very fun.

Then while we were eating and enjoing the fun we were all fill that we stood up and went to play. After having that fun we went out to the courts for a game witch was dougeball. Its was very amazing playing all with the whole class playing together as one which was a bit funny. But after that and we had done our performance with Room 4 coming and watching us which was very nice of them. But after all that time when everything had been done, I could not believe that, this day very fun and interesting doing something for Samoan.


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