Friday, 27 May 2016


23th May 2016
Descriptive Writing:
YEAHH!!! its Sunday and us children of Saint Pius have the opportunity to go out and experience something that we have never ever done before. I knew this day was going to be special and a lot whole different from other days because we were going on a trip on Sunday to see many great things.
As we arrived at the Special Event at the Head Spark Office I could not believe my eyes because their were so many student over, 50.  We were split up into small groups with colours on our wrist, and the program that we were given were 5 events What could those 5 heading really mean?
As I looked at the word SCIENCE  it looked quite boring, but suddenly as soon as I walked in, it turned out to be the best programme ever!
WOW WHAT COULD THIS BE!!! seeing balloons, colourful liquids lots of Sharp sticks and  Plastic Bowls just waiting for me to touch and experience them.
The first one was picking a hole through a balloon and seeing if you can do it, which I keep on poping and asking for another balloon. Next one was pretty amazing because we got a balloon tied onto a glass, then ended up tipping the what was in the glass into the balloon, it turned up to have a lot of bubbles in it which made it look interesting.

Then after doing SCIENCE I had said to myself, I wish I could come and do this again some day.

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