Friday, 11 March 2016

Religious Education

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WALT- To write a Narrative story about Station of the cross about the Son Of God who died for our sins.

The Fourth Station- Jesus Meets His Mother (Mary)

As I watched my son carrying the Big heavy cross on his back at Calvary Hill I began to remember how much my son means to me.
As I keeled down in front of him, I could tell how hurtful he was to see me with tear, I could see how much Pain he was  in when  he saw me crying with love and care.

But when I went up to my Son there was as much blood on his  poor   face as the Nile river.  
I could see all of his scar and the blood that was on his face.

Looking into my Son Jesus eyes it made my heart drop because there was tears dripping down from his Blood.

Seeing people waiting for Jesus to keep moving on I knew this was the last time I will be able to see his beautiful, Gentle face as a sunflower.

So as I Gently Touched his Loving face and cried with as many Tears as Blue Rain.

Then after that It was time for Jesus to go, so he stood up and carried on the big Heavy cross. My heart was beating very fast because this was the last time Jesus was going to see his dear Mother which was me.

So After Jesus had left with sadness and pain I had followed him to his crucifixion, I couldn't imagine how awful it was going to be, because I already knew what was going to happen next and that was Jesus my son was going to  get crucified.

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