Monday, 21 March 2016

My Soul friend description

A soul friend is a relationship between a big person and a young person that takes care of one another day by day.
This was modelled to our school named Saint Pius X Catholic School about 50 years ago from the Holy Faith Sisters who created our beautiful school.

My soul friends are Kemaia and Arvay and I have chosen to be the big
person who leads a good sample for them during this year.
They are both my buddy reading partners, that I have promised to take care of them during this beautiful year.

On 17th of March it was Saint Patrick day where us & our soul friends got a 
blessing from father promising our soul friends by saying yes I will.

During this year I and my two soul friends will have fun together and I will always be right by their side.

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  1. Great work henrietta . Your understanding of duty is clearly seen in this particular piece . keep it up