Friday, 11 March 2016

My Writing (About Me)

Learn : For my writing I have learned how to write a Narrative Structure by using it in the correct order. 

This writing that I have done is about me so people who are reading my blog can know what kind of learner I am in a catholic School.
Ever since I was I little girl till now I couldn't believe that I am a year 7 now and going to be a year 8 Next year where I will be getting ready to head off to college. My Name is Henrietta Latu and I  am a Tongan girl that is 11 years old student that goes to saint Pius X School.

I am a person that is looking forward to head to college with a good Attitude,Behaviour and a good report from my Teacher.
I have come such a long way starting  from Room one until now which is Room 7. I was brought up in such a beautiful place could New Zealand where I was born on May 28, 2004, and started coming to a Catholic School since I was 5 years old.

In my class I am trying my best to put in all the effort into the work that my Teacher gives me.
My Goal for me this year is to make sure I focus and push myself so hard to the work that my teacher gives me day by day.
And finally last of all when I leave this school I will be so happy to see what I will be like in the future when I grow up one day.

Thank you!

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