Wednesday, 17 August 2016


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WALT: I can use prompts 

Early in the morning I could hear a low voice saying “Henrietta i’m hungry. I was so shocked because I have never heard this kind of voice before coming from outside.

I quickly ran down stairs and opened the door slowly wondering where the voice was coming from. WOW! I couldn’t believe what I saw with my own two eyes,It was my dog Harry that was yelling my name out.

“Harry I said, you can talk? Yea you can understand me
“Yes I replied of course I can, this is what made me wake up so early in the morning. “I'm so sorry Henrietta i’m just so hungry right now may I have my food now. “Yep sure Harry you can eat your dog food now since it's morning.

“As soon Harry was munching his dog food. I still could not believe that he could talk up till this day. I mean it's just unbelievable.
So there I was in my comfortable bed lying with Harry having a conversation to him about how he could talk.

“Harry was a very silly, talkative dog that could not Zip his little mouth so that I could have a talk for once. But I knew Harry will always come on top of my voice so that I can listen to his story but not mind which is not “FAIR!

After that long talk with Harry we were tired so harry and I both fell asleep just like a light switch. Later on I knew that Harry was starving so I thought of making his food AGAIN! before he makes that annoying high pitched sound.

So then Harry began to eat like he's hadn't eaten before.
I laughed to myself but quietly this dog is a animal that I can always talk to when I am lonely.

At the end me and Harry had played ball catch.
He was a very fast dog to play ball catch with. He always keeps me company when no ones home. This is a day that I will remember about him.



  1. WOW!! Henrietta this is a long writing. I really like how described your topic. It is very interesting. Keep it up, yur doing good! Well Done!

  2. Hey Henrietta
    Great writing, I really enjoyed reading it because you used good explanation about your dog Harry. The great thing about your writing is that you have a amazing conclusion. Keep it up

  3. Hi Henrietta
    It's me Alisha from Point England School, Thanks for commenting on my blog. I really like your writing and nice conclusion. Keep on writing wonderful stories :)