Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My Narrative Writing: A missing Girl.

  • Narrative: A missing girl.

  • Long ago, there was a little girl who had sadly lost her parents recently from a very bad car accident.

  • One evening around about 6:00 she had decided to have a fresh walk out in the forest, without letting her Aunty and uncle know about it, because she  already knew that the answer would be NO! She closed the door quiety behind her, put on her sports shoes and headed off through the paths.

  • But there was something very strange that she noticed while she was walking along the path, There was a red car following her slowly behind her she felt very very worried and scared, because this red car was following her without any sound. But she carried on walking faster and faster until she was deep in the forest. Her heart was betting very fast that she regret not telling her Aunty and uncle about this.

  • Behind her she could hear noise of the door shuting, she had tears in her eyes because she felt very scared about what might happen next. She ran quickly along the trees and paths looking for a hidden place. It was very hard to find one because its was really dark and she had no torch on her. Suddenly the little girl had found a little place where she could hide in, its was a bush.

  • Suddenly the person had  stopped near the bush where she was hiding. The little girl was rolling up into a small ball, crying without making any noise or else the person would find her. But the person could not find the little girl he was looking for, so he gaved up and left the forest.

  • When he left the girl waited for 30 seconds then came out of the bush. She knew that her uncle and Aunty would be worry about where she might be gone. But suddenly when she came  out she could here a sound of a police car. She knew that they might be looking for her.

  • The police went out looking in the forest calling her name out loud worrying where she might be, ,but suddenly the girl  replied. They qucikly ran and suddenly found her, she quickly ran to her Aunty and Grandpa in the dark and hugged them very close and tight.
  • They walked all the way back to the car and headed off home. The girl sat down in their kitchen telling the story all the way back from the begnning. It was very long.


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