Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Name & Age-21
Beau Monga-

Beau Monga is a New Zealand singer that can sing and beat box from Manurewa,Who won the New Zealand X Factor 2015 he was born on April 14,1994 and his parent names are Betty and Any.Beau Monga has been my favourite  singer ever since he came on the x factor from the beginning to the end.

I think that Beau Monga is a very cool singer and a beat boxer. I really like his songs that he performed on the x factor and also his new song kings & queens. I am looking forward to see some more awesome songs of him. I think that you guys are hoping to listen to his new songs. And also enjoying and having fun so if you want to listen to some more songs of Beau Monga go youtube.

I give Beau Monga five stars because he is cool and awsome with his different amazing talents.

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