Friday, 12 February 2016

My Fun Holidays With My Family !!!


Wow, Going to the beach with my family was such a nice day to play, laugh and also have fun together.

First of all when me and my family had arrived there I started to burn  because the sun was just so hot. Then after that we all got the stuff that we needed from our car. After getting that sorted we went and find a sport to sit while we me and my brother & sisters go play at the park it was so fun.

Then after playing at the park, having a picnic and having fun my dad took us for a swim at the sea it was so fun, cool and awesome. While we were swimming in the sea for such a long time I wanted to get out because I had enough, so I got out of the water and went to dry myself up.

After drying myself up and my family was ready we packed up our stuffed and went to my Nana's house because there was a meeting. Its took so long that me and my cousin went inside and watch TV until they finish I was so exhausted and very tired that day.

Then while they were finished we went back home and relax I was so tired that I jumped on my bed and fell asleep straight away.

That day was very exhausted.

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